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Yahoo Mail Account – Create New Yahoo Mail Account

by naijasetup

It all begins with using birds to send messages to family and friends not close to us, down to the era of postage and stamp. Now electronic mail has taken over, isn’t it amazing how everything has changed, thousands of years back no one would have imagined Electronic mail would go this far. Well, all thanks to Bill Gate! It all started with him, he’s the owner of Yahoo Mail. Yahoo mail is an Email service that offers users the ability to send and receive electronic mails. To make use of the Yahoo mail messaging feature, users have to create an account.

Yahoo Mail Account - Create New Yahoo Mail Account

However, some people still do make use of the post office to send and receive messages. But having a Yahoo mail account your life would be stress-free, you can send a message and get a reply back within 5 minutes.

The birth of the technical era, needless to say, accounts for this great mailing opportunity that is a wonderful alternative to traditional postal mail services. Google, AOL, and so many others are available and easy to use for creating an email account, including Yahoo mail which actually is the center of this article.

More About Yahoo Account

Apart from Yahoo mail, there are other benefits that Yahoo won’t fail to offer; like Yahoo News, Yahoo took pride in their ability to help you manage and make the task easier for you, help you meet deadlines, scheduled meetings, even sending documents to your friends on the web can be done with little ease.

On the Yahoo landing page the first sentence you’ll notice “Yahoo makes it easy to enjoy what matters most in your world”. What does this particular statement mean to them? They are saying they have your back on your day to day activities and on every other account of you trying to be more organized and time conscious.

How to Create a Yahoo Mail Account

Creating an account on the Yahoo Email platform is quite easy than some other email service provider. Yahoo mail will only ask you for some basic information when setting up your Yahoo account. You can follow the below steps to sign up for a Yahoo mail account.

  1. Write up at least five lists of preferred mail account names, yahoo mail account will look like this username@yahoo.com, ajayiogunniran@yahoo.com
  2. Have your password of choice in mind, the one; that is the easiest to remember for you although yahoo passwords must contain letters, symbols, and numbers.
  3. Launch up a Microsoft edge browser or Google chrome browser on the address menu type www.yahoomail.com
  4. You’ll see ‘sign in to yahoo mail’, don’t fret, all you need to do is click on create an account and you are ready to have your own yahoo mail account.

Continue Your Account Setup Process

  1. Put in answers to questions like a surname, first name, date of birth, and click next, provide the rest of the details and continue then click on finish.
  2. Congrats! You are now a proud owner of your own Yahoo mail account. You can send and receive emails through your yahoo account to anyone across the globe.

What are the differences between yahoo mail and Google mail? The only difference between these two is ownership; yahoo mail is own by Microsoft while Google mail is own by Google, the internet populace are just divided across these two major rivalries, not on the bases of this is best or that is best, just that the two have become a household name on the tongues of the internet populace, Meanwhile on what the hype is about Google and how two Ph.D. students of Harvard would be our next article.

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