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Creating a Wikipedia Page and Account

by naijasetup

Do you own a Wikipedia page for your business?? Or you feel the need to get yourself an according to Wikipedia page. Perhaps, you have achieved a lot in your career. And that makes you feel the need to own a Wikipedia page. You are not alone. Millions of others long to own Wikipedia page. Why shouldn’t you? Owing a Wikipedia page is very good for business.

Wikipedia is the world’s richest online encyclopedia. This online resource is owned by Wikimedia Foundation. Wikipedia is used daily by millions of individuals. Its content is available in languages across the world. Wikipedia English alone has millions of daily users. Wikipedia pages are written through the general public. And anyone can edit any Wikipedia page. Every Wikipedia page has a talk page. Wikipedia talk page is where users write suggestions on a particular page. this way, Wikipedia contents get improved upon. Wikipedia pages on any subject are easy to find.

Every member of the public can create a Wikipedia page. The steps to creating a Wikipedia page are not very hard. The steps are a little as getting ready to write a university thesis. The first step is researching the piece. In the step after, Create an account on Wikipedia. To create an account on Wikipedia. Click Create an account. Fill up the user name and email field. Click Create. That’s all to owning a Wikipedia account. To start writing a Wikipedia page. Be sure you have practice editing other pages. Gather up your sources. Sources are documents that prove the piece you have written on. These could be images, links, videos, other Wikipedia pages, that can serve as facts to such write-up. After, writing a Wikipedia page. The next step is to submit your write-up for board review.

How to create a Wikipedia account

Creating a Wikipedia account is not the same as creating a Wikipedia page. You can create a Wikipedia page after you have a Wikipedia account. This does not mean you can start creating your own Wikipedia page. Someone else will have to create your page for you. Follow these easy steps to create a Wikipedia account.

  • Launch https://www.wikipedia.org/
  • Choose your preferred language example English
  • On the top left of the page, click create account
  • Enter names, and other details on the next form.
  • Click on create an account.

Wow! you have owned a Wikipedia account. What are the benefits that come with it? as an owner of a Wikipedia account. You can edit any page and your activities on Wikipedia becomes more noticeable. With a Wikipedia account, you can set reading preferences. Make suggestions on an article through the Talk page. At the crown of it all, you can write a bit about yourself.

How to edit a Wikipedia page

Wikipedia page can be edited by clicking on the edit tab menu. There are two means of editing a Wikipedia page. Either click on the edit tab, through a visual editor created by Wikipedia. Or either through markup known as WikiText.

After editing a Wikipedia page. Do not forget to use the small edit summary box. The summary box is at the bottom of the edit box. Write a summary of the change you made to this summary page.

Purpose of the preview button. Clicking on the Preview button shows you how the page looks with the change you made to a page. Show changes button. Show the change button shows you the differences, between the previous look of the page and your edited view of the same Wikipedia page.

To finish up, click on the Publish changes button, to publish your change. It’s easy to find some Wikipedia pages protected from editing. It’s easy to submit an edit request to any of these pages. After your permission has been granted you can edit such a protected Wikipedia page.

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